Baby Goats on a Bench, Columbus Zoo

This Labor Day, my wife, our 10 month old and I got out to the Columbus Zoo and spent some time in the children’s petting zoo area where we met some baby goats, sheep and horses.

A goat kid in the "My Barn" petting zoo area of the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in Columbus, Ohio.

Goat kid on a bench at the Columbus Zoo in Columbus, Ohio. Pentax *ist DS.

The petting zoo at the Columbus Zoo is called “My Barn” and has adult and baby goats and sheep that you and your little ones can interact with and pet.

There are also usually chickens in the barn but I’m pretty sure you can’t pet them…maybe the little chicks, I don’t know.  Anyway, they weren’t in the barn when we went this week.


“My Barn” also has some horses and an area for kids to take pony rides.

It’s a fun little area for your kids to get up close and personal with some domesticated animals and you can easily spend a lot of time there.  We did.


In addition to “My Barn”, there’s other places in the Columbus Zoo for kids to have hands-on experiences with animals.

There’s Animal Encounters Village, the Reptile Keeper Lab and the Tide Pool Touch Tank.

They’re all fun so you can’t go wrong when you visit the Columbus Zoo.



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