The 30 Day Challenge and Slow Updates

If you’re a follower of my blog, you may have noticed that my photos and updates have been slow coming over the past week and a half.  Well, I’ve got a good reason for that – The 30 Day Challenge.

The Challenge ( - From Novice To Ninja In Just 30 Days!

The Challenge ( – From Novice To Ninja In Just 30 Days!

The 30 Day Challenge (or just The Challenge) is a 30 day boot camp, of sorts, designed to take individuals through the process of researching and developing a product for online sale with the goal of getting good traffic in a selected niche and making a profit.

It was started several years ago by Ed Dale, Dan Raine and Jon Dean and now occurs once a year.


Even though some of my attention will be diverted to my Challenge efforts for the next month, I’ll still be posting new photos and articles once or twice per week.

Also, my Challenge project is very much related to what I do with so the work I’m doing now on The 30 Day Challenge will actually benefit you, the reader. 🙂

So, rest assured, I’m not abandoning you.

As I work on my Challenge project, a side effect is that I’m generating ideas for more and better content for so, if anything, this website will be enhanced from my work on The Challenge!


So get ready for some new photos and my continuing “What Does It Mean?” article series and stay tuned for my updates on my project for The Challenge!



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