Adriatico’s New York Style Pizza at OSU!

I know it’s a random Photo of the Day but I’m hungry as I’m writing and this is ALWAYS delicious so here’s a shot of the best pizza in Columbus, Ohio, Adriatico’s!

Adriatico’s New York Style Pizza opened their doors in August 1986 in the South Campus area of the Ohio State University campus and they have been a staple food of hungry OSU students ever since.

The Buckeye from Adriatico's New York Style Pizza. The best pizza on the Ohio State University campus and possibly in the entire state!

The best pizza in the state – Adriatico’s

The pizza pictured above is their large 13″ x 18″ thick crust (Sicilian), which is just fine for a few people…

However, if you’re in a big group or are especially hungry you’ll want to upgrade to the “Buckeye” – an 18″ x 24″ monster with 30 big slices that just dares you to eat it in one sitting!


Some of my fondest memories from my OSU student days involve some combination of video games, OSU football, WWF (WWE) Monday Night Raw and a hot Buckeye pizza from Adriatico’s!  🙂

FYI, they also have great subs and they have a second location in Cincinnati on the University of Cincinnati campus.

I’ve never been to that one but down there the giant pizza is called the “Bearcat” after UC’s mascot, in case you didn’t know).


Yep, in addition to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, Adriatico’s pizza is one more reason why I absolutely love Columbus, Ohio!

If you’re visiting from out of town and you like good pizza, you owe it to your taste buds to plan a meal at Adriatico’s!

Check them out online at and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

…To bad I can’t some kind of referral bonus in pizza!  Ahem!…  😉



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