Seagulls at Rockland and Bristol, Maine

I’ve been fortunate enough to visit Maine on a couple of occasions and one things I always remember is how many seagulls there are along the coastal areas…and how big they are!

A female seagull rests on a green picnic table at Pemaquid Point Light in Bristol, Maine. Pentax *ist DS.

A female seagull stands on a picnic table at Pemaquid Point in Bristol, Maine. Pentax *ist DS.

I’m sure they can get so big because of the quantity and quality of fresh fish around but I’m amazed at just how big they can get, especially compared to the seagulls we see here in landlocked central Ohio.


The seagulls that you’ll find along Coastal Maine are easily 2x as big as their little cousins near me, who only get to feed from the smaller lakes, rivers, reservoirs and on the discarded food scraps from us humans.


By the way, speaking of discarded food scraps:

Don’t Litter!

It’s illegal, destroys the natural beauty of our planet and kills many more animals every year than you think!


Back to the topic at hand though…

I know I’ve seen some pretty big seagulls in the northern areas of Ohio along Lake Erie (Cedar Point comes to mind) but, when I think of seagulls, the first place that pops in my head is Maine. 🙂

A seagull standing on some rocks near the water at a marina in Rockland, Maine. Pentax *ist DS.

Seagull standing on rocks at a marina in Rockland, Maine. Pentax *ist DS.

I’ll be writing some upcoming Photos of the Week posts highlighting Maine because It’s one of my favorite places that I’ve travelled to and I have a lot of photos that I want to share.


I want to thank my friend, Michele, too, because it was her request for a photograph that got me searching through my “bird” photos and led me to pull these few seagulls out to share. 🙂

A single seagull watching lookout on the corner of a roof in Rockland, Maine. Pentax *ist DS.

Seagull on a roof in Rockland, Maine. Pentax *ist DS.

So, as we go into this Labor Day weekend in the United States, thanks again for reading and enjoying my photos and I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing weekend!


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