What to do with all those digital photos? Part 4: Photo Editing

Welcome to the final part of my short “What to do with all those digital photos” series, Photo Editing.

First, let me apologize and say that this post ended up being very different from the way it began as a first draft.

I had originally wanted to expand on some features of various popular image editors but quickly found that the post would end up being way too long and that I would easily lose readers interest with all the text.

So, while I will have full write-ups and reviews for some of those editors published in the future, I decided that this article will be a somewhat anticlimactic placeholder where I will link to those reviews as they are posted.  Sorry again for the buildup to part 4 but keep looking here and I’ll make it up to you with the image editor reviews.


Reviewed Image Editors



What to do with all those digital photos?

  1. Image/Folder Naming
  2. Image/Folder Organization
  3. File Storage
  4. Image Editing

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