What Does It Mean? An Article Series on Photography Terms.

The world of photography, like just about any other hobby or profession, is filled with photography terms, acronyms and other jargon that you need to understand in order to be proficient.

Some of them make logical sense while others seem like made up words designed to confuse Mr. Spock.

“F-Stop” this.  “Bokeh” that. “AE-L”. “CMOS”…

At first glance, it can be a little overwhelming.

All This Photography Jargon - What Does It Mean? (a.k.a. - Shit Photographers Say!)

All This Photography Jargon – What Does It Mean?

So, because beginning photographers have so much getting thrown at them at once, I decided to start this article series designed to give you a basic understanding of the many photography terms we use.

My hope is that this will help you get past the early obstacles of trying to understand some of the other blogs you may be reading and to get you doing more than just nodding your head when you’re talking with a more experienced photographer.


Don’t worry, we’ve all been there and I really enjoy writing and teaching so I’ll make my articles informative but also easy to read and fun.

So, please come back bright and early on Monday and we’ll kick off the “What Does It Mean” series (a.k.a. – Shit Photographers Say!) with one of the most commonly heard, and most important, photography terms: Exposure.



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