Wind Chimes and Icicles on a Winter Sunrise

A single note wind chime and icicles in front of an early sunrise on a cold, crisp winter morning. Pentax *ist DS.

Wind chime and icicles in front of a beautiful winter sunrise. Pentax *ist DS.

Wind chimes are lovely to have during ANY season of the year simply for the melodic tones that they create when blown in the wind.


But, I think it’s especially nice when the musical notes of wind chimes are carried on the cool, crisp air of an autumn or winter breeze (how’s that for a whimsical description?!).


Then, from a photographer’s point of view, throw in a nice yellow – orange sunset, some icicles for refraction of the warm glow of the morning sun and you’ve got the makings of a great set of wind chimes photos!


These two photos of one of my wind chimes were taken from the 3rd level balcony of an old apartment.

I was just over the treeline so I was able to get much more of the sunrise than if I had lived on a lower level.


It was a nice apartment but I’m glad I no longer live there because walking up and down three levels of stairs multiple times with groceries in hand was NOT the most fun thing in the world.

I can imagine how New Yorkers in much higher walk-ups must feel!

A single note wind chime and an early sunrise on a cold, crisp winter morning. Pentax *ist DS.

Wind Chime and Winter Sunrise. Pentax *ist DS.


I hope these wind chimes and sunrise photos helped to brighten your day and, depending on when you’re viewing them…

have a good morning,

good afternoon or

good night!



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