Lane Avenue Bridge Pylon

To finish out this run of Ohio State University themed photos from the past week I have this shot of the Lane Avenue Bridge.

I shot this photo of one of the Lane Avenue Bridge’s pylons looking up from this perspective because I like looking at architecture from different views.

Looking up at one of the Lane Avenue Bridge Pylons. Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio.

Lane Avenue Bridge Pylon, Looking Up.

So often, photos of bridges are just full-on shots to show the whole bridge but there are always details or lines that are visually striking that should get showcased center stage too.

The sky was very blue after the OSU baseball game I attended so I wanted to show the lines of the bridge against a clear, uncluttered background and shot from this perspective.


That’s it for my Ohio State University themed photos for the time being but, if you enjoyed them, please check out my Around Campus 12 month calendar on

And, don’t worry, I’ve got lots more that I’ll post in the future.

For now, Thursday is coming so it’s almost time for another Photos of the Week post.  I’ve got a couple ideas floating around so come back in a couple days to see what’s new.

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