Mirror Lake at Night

Today’s Photo of the Day is one of the many shots of The Ohio State University that I have in my archive – a handheld night shot of Mirror Lake near the South Oval of the OSU campus.

A handheld night shot of Ohio State University's Mirror Lake at Dusk.

Ohio State University’s Mirror Lake at Dusk. Pentax *ist DS. f/3.5, 1/30 @ 18mm

Low light photography is very fun but it is always tricky, especially when shooting handheld with no tripod or monopod and using a non image stabilized lens or camera.

But, all that aside, I captured a pretty nice shot that has a nice cool, relaxing feel to it so I’m happy. 🙂


If you’re not familiar with Mirror Lake here is a page with far more history about it than you could ever hope to retain: The OSU Mirror Lake Hollow.

One of the favorite OSU v. Michigan football game traditions was to jump into Mirror Lake on the Thursday night before the Big Game.  I witnessed it a few times but never participated…  Really!  It is just a few deep, after all.   You might sprain your ankle!


Anyway, I thought this would be a good photo to end the week on since it’s a night shot and the week is winding down to a close.

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I hope you enjoyed Mirror Lake and have a great weekend!



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