Basketball Hoop on a Weathered Old Barn

Interesting objects and textures are all around us as long as we take the time to look.

As photographers, we train our brain and eyes to catch those things that grab our attention and make us stop to appreciate something unique or special in what we see.

Our hope is that others will see some of the same things, and have the same feelings, that we did when we took the photograph.

Basketball Hoop on a Weathered Old Barn. Taken in rural Ashtabula County, Ohio. Pentax *ist DS.

Basketball Hoop on a Weathered Old Barn. Pentax *ist DS.

This photograph of the side of an old barn with a rusted basketball hoop was taken at my wife’s parent’s house several years ago.

The barn and basketball hoop have since been torn down but, when I look at this photo, a number of things jump into my head.


Of course, my in-laws, their home and land pops into my head.

But, with this photo, I also think about the story of a young boy or girl growing up in a rural area with an absolute love for basketball.


I think of the countless hours that they may have spent in the hot sun and cold rain just dribbling and shooting, constantly trying to improve at the game they love so much.


That’s one of the reasons I love photography – every photo tells a story, fictional or not.


So, go out, find something that has a story to tell and share it with the world.



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