Darts and Pool: Barroom Games

First, I’ve gotta say, its been a looong time since I’ve been out to a bar or club to see a band and play darts or pool so know that these photos are a few years old. 🙂

A friend and former co-worker of mine is a drummer and one of the bands he plays with is The Signal.

When we still worked together I would go to their shows with other friends and co-workers, enjoy the music, enjoy the drinks and take some photos.

A pool table in a dark, smoky bar room during a band's show. Columbus, Ohio. Pentax *ist DS.

Pool table in a smoky barroom. Pentax *ist DS.

It was fun and I grew to like taking photos in the dark bar setting because I got to use my fast prime lenses with no flash.

It was a good exercise in finding the best exposure and keeping a still, steady hand.


Oh yeah, and see that bullseye on the dart board below?

Bullseye! Three skillfully placed American Flag darts hitting the bullseye on a bar room dart board. Pentax *ist DS.

Bullseye! Pentax *ist DS. Buy a print or canvas of this photo!

Yeah, I’m not that good.

I am pretty good at sticking darts on the board from one foot away though!


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I do miss the band and barroom photography.  Maybe now that I’m getting back into my photography I might get out and do some new shots.

We shall see…

Relaxing with a few drinks in a bar, listening to a band while someone plays pool.

A few drinks, some music and a game of pool. Pentax *ist DS.


Have a great weekend and go out to make some new photographic memories!



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