Smoky Mountains Sunset from Morton Overlook

During any visit to the Smokies its almost mandatory that you experience a Smoky Mountains sunset.  They’re beautiful and inspiring and the best part is that there is ample opportunity to do it.

First, there are a number of outlook areas that are easily accessible along the drive through the park. An example is the popular Morton Overlook, the location where I took the below photo.

A Great Smoky Mountains sunset viewed from Morton Overlook. Pentax *istDS.

Sunset in the Great Smoky Mountains as viewed from Morton Overlook. Pentax *istDS.

Another option for your Smoky Mountain sunset viewing could be to drive up to Clingmans Dome and catch it from the observation tower or another nearby area on the mountain.

Clingman’s Dome is the highest point in Tennessee and the highest point along the Appalachian Trail so it’s a pretty good spot for watching a sunrise or sunset.

Lastly, there are many hiking trails in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park which will take you to points of high elevation suitable for watching the sun set.  If you’re going to the park to spend time in the outdoors and enjoy the exercise, consider hiking to your viewing spot.

Chimney Tops is a great hike and a great spot to watch from.  There are also hikes that will take you to some of the grassy and heath balds in the park like Gregory Bald, Andrews Bald and Maddron Bald.


Whichever option you take, you should definitely block out the time to see at least one Smoky Mountains sunset during your trip.

Don’t forget your tripod!



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