Managing your digital photos, a four part series.

Every photographer knows that the photographic experience doesn’t begin and end with merely snapping a photo.  For the digital photographer that is just the beginning.  You then need to effectively organize and store your photos as well as edit them if your aim is to do any kind of presenting or printing.

Starting tomorrow and over the next two weeks I’ll be sharing my methods for file naming, organization, storage and editing in a four part article series entitled “What to do with all those digital photos?”.

The articles will be primarily aimed toward beginning and amateur digital photographers who may not already have a set routine and workflow.  In addition to my own methods and tools for digital photo management I’ll present alternatives for you to explore to help you figure out what may work best for you.  All of the articles will linked from this post and to each other to make them easy to find and read.

Enjoy the articles and please leave a comment if you find any of the information useful.

What to do with all those digital photos?


  1. Image/Folder Naming
  2. Image/Folder Organization
  3. File Storage
  4. Image Editing

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