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Maybe the monkey isn’t so bad.

So, apparently I spoke a little too soon about my DS.

The day after the water incident I turned on the camera to test it out in the hotel and it didn’t do much of anything.  It powered on but as soon as it did the menu came up and continuously cycled through options and wouldn’t stop until I pressed the shutter release.  When I did press the shutter release, however, nothing would happen.  So, I assumed the worst and packed it away to deal with later.

After I wrote my previous post I decided to unpack the camera and try it out again. I’m glad I did because it seems that all is not completely lost.  The electrics are definitely fudged up because not all of the buttons work properly on the back of the body.  Almost all of them work so I can still navigate menus and settings but it takes a while longer because the down direction button no longer works.  Luckily, the mode selection dial still works and the camera recognizes each mode as I go through them.  The main negative point for me is that auto focus appears to be fried.   🙁   That definitely sucks but a couple of my lenses are manual focus anyway so I can certainly work around that hurdle.

All things considered, the DS still works well enough to take photos with so I’m pretty happy.  That being said, I still think I have an excuse to start looking at new cameras but definitely don’t need to make it an urgent priority just yet.  As for Curious George, he and The Man with The Yellow Hat did help us with an OH-IO so I guess he’s still alright with me.


OH-IO! The Man with The Yellow Hat actually sang "Ohio" (1953) while we were posing!

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